Envelope Tracking Uncovered on iFixit Samsung Teardown

Our prior post highlighted an Envelope Tracking feature discovered on the recent iFixit teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.  Here’s the full post, with all 18 steps.  Check out step 15 to read up on a new battery-prolonging technique called Envelope Tracking:

iFixit Publishes Samsung S5 Teardown

iFixit.com, a great site that publishes teardowns of some of our most popular consumer products, just published a new teardown of the popular Galaxy S5 Mini.  Just how are they getting that great battery life? 

Qualcomm Video Illustrates Envelope Tracking

Qualcomm included a video in a recent news release detailing the powerful impact of envelope tracking in extending cell phone battery life. By providing tight control over the voltage being sent to the power amplifier, less wasted energy is released as heat, acting as